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Chrome font rendering issues

So this is a weird little bug in Google's Chrome browser that I've come across whilst building my own website. I'm talking about Chrome's strange rendering of web fonts - or lack of antialiasing - that leaves the fonts with jagged edges and looking rubbish! As a designer, the introduction of web fonts - @font-face and Google's own webfonts - has allowed us to give websites great typography - whilst keeping SEO compatibility to its maximum. These fonts look great and are cross-browser compatible - even down to IE6 - or so I thought... So here is what is happening. I've implemented fonts on my webpage. In Firefox, IE and Safari, looking good. Then I thought I'd just check Chrome - but knowing that the fonts are Google's own - there shouldn't be an issue... Ahhh!! Now that isn't how it's supposed to look? The fonts have jagged edges, look heavier than they should be, and quite frankly look awful. After trawlling the web for more than a f

Web stuff, emails and tips and tricks

Hi. I'm Ronnie. I'm a graphic designer. Over the last 15 years or so I've done work for multi-national companies (like Canon, Oracle, Nokia, TelĂ©fonica, Mizuno and the BBC), helped local start-ups and everything in-between.  For the last 8 years or so I've been mainly digital based as that is where I believe the world is going. I've started this blog to write down all the little tips and tricks that I've picked up over the years - and indeed the new things that I pick up daily! In the hope that I won't forget things - and that others can learn as well. Cheers, Ronnie