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Plan for tomorrow, live for today.

This is about life. Or to be more precise, death and my personal thoughts about it. Like the passing of time itself, we cannot stop it and it's a moment we all share. As my own father always says, “The one thing certain in life is death”. From the grand old tortoises that will outlast us all, to the humble mayfly that has an existence of one day on this planet.   But what is life? I'm not talking about 'the meaning of' - that is for minds across the generations to discuss at length. For the artists to depict, the poets to write about and the philosophers to imagine. What I'm talking about is the actual biological process. The moment where cells start dividing, following a plan of passed on DNA code that tells those cells what they will become. And what will the cells become? The afore mentioned tortoise or perhaps a tree? Or perhaps a bouncing baby boy? All of us, like the humble mayfly are created in this way.    What’s with the mayfly I hear y